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Program Editor Explained
Program Editor Explained

An overview of how to navigate the program editor and its functionality

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The program editor is used to design, preview, and update your referral program.

Click here to open the program editor.

Creating a Program

To create a new referral program:

  1. Select the Programs tab from the main navigation

  2. Select the Add Program button located at the top right

  3. Choose between creating a Customer Referral program or an Affiliate & Partner program. Certain settings will be automatically enabled for the type of program that you choose. These settings can be changed at any time. (If you are unsure, select Not Sure)

  4. Select Start Designing to create your program and enter the program editor

General Navigation

Once inside of the program editor you will see a menu bar at the top of your screen.

  1. This is the name of your program. Click on it to edit. This name is largely used for internal uses but Referral Rock does offer the program name as a merge tag if you would like to use it in messaging or emails.

  2. Navigate to the other sections of the program editor: Share, Rewards, Portal, Emails, Launch, by selecting the name at the top of the editor. See below for an overview of each section.

  3. Displays if the program is Active or Inactive. Select the gear icon to edit general program settings. The Help button will direct you to our Support Center and Chat. Select the Exit button to leave the program editor.


Sharing Experience

Customize your Member Sharing Experience by configuring your Share Widget, Social & Mobile Messages, and Email Message.

An image of the Share Experience section of the Program Editor

Referral Destination

Determine your desired Referral Destination, which can either be a redirect to an external website or a Referral Rock hosted landing page.

For assistance with building out a Referral Rock hosted landing page, visit our Landing Page Builder help article.

An image of the Referral Destination section of the Program Editor


On the Rewards page, you will add and configure Member and/or Referral Rewards.

For assistance with creating and editing your reward rules, visit our Reward Rules help article.


The Portal page is where you will design and configure your member portal. The Member Portal is the central hub for your members to interact and stay updated on your referral program.


Customize and enable/disable automated program emails that will be sent out to your Members and Referrals.

To learn more about the different emails as well as how to build and customize using our email builder, visit our Emails & Notifications help article.


The Launch page displays many options to promote and integrate your program.

Here you can Activate / Deactivate your program, get instructions for installing any tracking scripts, embed your program on your own website or app, configure your member invites, and set up CRM integrations.

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