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Set the Referral Destination

Send referrals to a hosted landing page or redirect to your website

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The Referral Destination is where new referrals will go when they click on the link shared by your Members. Common examples include lead capture forms, checkout pages, demo request forms, landing/promotion pages, etc.

Destination Options

When you navigate to the Share page in the Program Editor (found here), you will have the option to select your Referral Destination. You may choose between:

  • Hosted Landing Page - Build a landing page to capture referrals using the Referral Rock Page Builder. Referrals will submit a form and the referral will automatically be added to Referral Rock as a pending referral. No integrations are required when choosing this option.

  • Your Website - Redirect your referrals to the site of your choosing. Redirecting to an external site will require that you set up referral conversion by integrating with the external site.

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