Member Portal Explained

Learn about the Member Portal & How to Customize it

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The Member Portal is the space that your members will gain access to once they join your referral program. From inside their Member Portal, members will learn about the referral program, easily share their unique referral URL as well as stay updated with their referrals and rewards.

To edit and view each page of the Member Portal:

  1. Navigate to the Portal page of the Program Editor (or click here)

  2. Select the page of the portal that you wish to edit from the drop-down menu

  3. Select Edit Page

  4. Reference the links below for help with each page of the program editor

Public Access Pages

The following pages of the member portal can be accessed by anyone who has the URL:

Member Only Pages

The following pages of the member portal can only be accessed by a member after they have registered or logged in:

Brand Settings & Text

Click here to learn how to edit your logo, button color, favicon, and other branding settings, as well as the language on the page.

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