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Customize the Sharing Experience

Choose the share experience for your members

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When creating your referral program, you may choose between three different share experiences for your members.

In this article, we will walk through the different sharing widgets available, as well as how to customize the default social media, text, and email messages.

Share Widget

Found in the Member Portal or embedded on your site, members share at the click of a button with pre-formatted referral messages.

Referral Rock offers three share widget options:

1. Standard Share: Our default share widget. Members will be able to share via social media, text message, and email using the easy share buttons.

Select Customize Widget to hide certain share options and edit the instructional text.

2. Direct Add: This allows your members to fill out a form to directly submit referrals directly to your program.

Select Customize Widget to edit the Direct Add form & copy.

Note: We have added additional Fraud Rules to accompany Direct Add, which allow you to limit the number of daily or monthly direct add referrals by your members if desired. Please check them out here!

3. Email Form: Members will have access to a pre-built email which they can send directly from the portal, in addition to selecting easy share buttons and their referral link to copy.

Select Customize Widget to edit the default & helper text on the widget. You will edit the email copy in the next step.

Social & Mobile Messages

Pre-populate messaging for your members to share via social media or text message. These pre-populated messages will appear when members select an easy share button from their share widget. If their referral URL is copied/pasted onto a social media platform, such as Facebook or Twitter, the social media image & associated copy will appear.

Note the Personal Message is not supported on Facebook or LinkedIn and will not appear.

Email Message

Set up the default copy for your members to share via email. Use merge tags to personalize the message for your members.

Note this is a plain text email and cannot be formatted. This restriction is due to how the email providers (i.e., Gmail, Outlook, etc) handle HTML and templated messages.

Required Assets

Below, is a list of all program design elements needed to build out the Share experience:

  • Image for the Social Media easy share buttons

    • Recommended size: 1.91 to 1 aspect ratio

  • Copy for the Social Media easy share buttons

    • Max 500 characters

  • Copy for the Mobile Message easy share buttons

    • Max 280 characters

  • Copy for the Email share (which includes the Email Form- if using)

    • Plain text only

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