Launch Page Explained

An overview of the Launch page within the Program Editor

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The Launch page displays many options to promote and integrate your program.

Here you can Activate / Deactivate your program, get instructions for installing any tracking scripts, and configure your promotion options.

At the top of the Launch Page you will see three recommended steps for launching your referral program.

  1. Track Visits

    1. By setting up Referral Visit Tracking, you will be able to track referral visits on your site. Learn more about Referral Visit Tracking.

  2. Connect Conversions

    1. If you are using our Webpage Redirect option, you will need to connect your site with Referral Rock in order to capture referrals. Learn more about connecting your site with Referral Rock.

  3. Share Program

    1. Create links to announce and promote your program

Explore your Promotion Options

In the second half of the page, you will receive suggested program promotion options, depending on the setup of your program. Each suggestion links out to detailed instructions for implementation.

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