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An overview of the different logs of program data

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The Logs tab in Referral Rock lets you quickly access your account's data regarding Payment History, Email History, Integration Events, Notifications, Fraud Events, Import History, and Sales Entries.

  1. Payment History - Access your rewards payment history across all sources and programs. You can filter by payout source, program, create date, or status of the payment (Failed, Processing, Transit, Complete, Rollback) and view the associated details.

  2. Email History - View email statistics and details on individual email communication made through Referral Rock. The filterable table shows you the recipient's email address, the status of the email (Delivered, Bounced, Blocked, Pending), type of email, as well as the delivery, open, and created dates.

  3. Integration Events - Displays all the integration events that are associated with your Referral Rock account. This includes One Click Access, Integration Scripts, and API calls. This is a great way to track event statuses, diagnose integration events, and access past event data.

  4. Program Activity (viewable by an Admin only) - Displays changes made to Referrals, Members, and Rewards, including details of the changes made and what caused the change.

  5. Configuration Activity (viewable by an Admin only) - Provides insight to all changes made to the Account (including log in and session activity), Programs, Integrations, Payouts, webhooks, and API key. This Log also provides the team member's name that caused the change.

  6. Notifications - A log of all account notifications. You can view the notification details and archive the ones you have addressed. The types of notifications are New Pending Member, Client Account Warning (such as Gift Card or PayPal funds getting low), Referral Add Failure, Member Add Failure, Account Issue, Funds Added, Rollback Payout, and Client Transaction. (To receive email notifications about these events, enter your email address under Settings on the right side of the screen).

  7. Fraud Events - This page gives you detail into which referrals were affected by your program's fraud protection, and which were allowed or blocked dependent on your rule setup.

  8. Import History - Your Import History shows you each data import on your account along with the Create Date, Status, Import Type, Success Count, Failure Count, and an option to view the Import details.

  9. Sales Entries - Similar to your Integration log, our HubSpot and Salesforce integrations receive data called a Sales Entry when a synchronization happens between your CRM and Referral Rock. This synchronization only happens when a certain action is taken, which is configured in your HubSpot or Salesforce Receiver Settings. Here you can view the details of the entry and review them as needed.

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