Integration Events Log

View a list of all the integration events associated with your account

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Using the Integration Events log, you can view a list of all the integration events that are associated with your Referral Rock account. This includes One Click Access, API calls & Integration Scripts. This is a great way to track event statuses, diagnose integration events, and access past event data.

Integration Events

Access your Logs

From your Dashboard, simply click on the blue Logs button on the right side of the Banner, then select 'Integration Events' from the drop down menu, or click here.

integration events

The event logs makes it easy to check the status of integration events, such as conversion and One Click Access events.

On this page you will see a table that explains the events of conversion, and you can use the details column to inspect your event results further.

  • Created Date: The date the event happened.

  • Type: Type of integration event.

  • Status: The status of the event, there are three event statuses: info, success, and failure.

  • Message: Event messages.

  • Details: This is where you will find identifying data on the conversion. This includes the Referral's name, email address, and any other information included in the metadata.

Event Statuses

Integration events can have one of three event statuses:

  • Info: Information was captured but a Referral was not created. This message will often display if you are not testing with valid members referral link, or if you are running into fraud rules while testing.

  • Success: The conversion was successful.

  • Failure: The conversion failed, use the details column to see why.

Filter Based on Status

You can filter events by status by selecting Info, Success, or Failure. Select List All to view a list of all integration events.

Download List of Events

To download a list of your integration events, press the download button next to the integration event counter.

Event Details

The Event Details page includes more detailed information about each individual event, including information about the status of your event and parameters and values captured in your event.

The Data section of the event log is aimed to give users a better understanding of their events in an easy to read interface. It provides more detailed information about the event, including the results of your event, a message explaining why your event failed (if applicable), and a list of the parameters used and their values.

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