Whether you have already built an existing referral network before you purchased Referral Rock or you gather new participants at an event, you can import new Members and Referrals from a CSV file into Referral Rock. You can use this same tool to update existing referral records with new information.

This guide will cover:

  • How to import Members

  • How to import Referrals

  • How to use the importer to update Referrals

CSV Guidelines

When creating your file to import, it must have a .csv extension. The only required fields are email and firstname, though using the externalid field allows you to use any specific identifiers that may be tied to that Member elsewhere, such as in your CRM.

If you want to add custom data, use the customtext1name (i.e., Favorite Food) and customtext1value (i.e., Ice Cream) fields

Download our Example Member Add import CSV.

All import files are limited to 10k rows per import

Note: Make sure any unused columns or rows are deleted, otherwise it will cause the import to fail.

Importing Members

Members are those who opt-in to spread the word about your referral program and grow your referral network. Importing Members is an easy way to automatically add individuals to your referral program en mass.

How to Import Members

From your admin dashboard, click on your Members tab in the banner, then select Import or click here.

Choose the program you want to register your Members to and click Next.

On the following pages of the import modal, you can preview your new Member records and view any validation errors. Once you are happy with your import preview, click Import to add your new Members. On the next screen you will see the status of your import.

This import will not trigger an email, but keep in mind any automated emails that are currently enabled in your program will send out to members based upon specific actions. For example the delayed Registration reminder email, the referral status update emails, and the monthly summary emails.

If you would like the ability to trigger a registration email during import please reach out to support using the chat feature in the corner and we can get that feature enabled on your account.

Note: If your account already has the registration email feature enabled, you can toggle the registration email at this step.

Importing and Updating Referrals

The process for importing and updating Referrals is nearly identical. Referrals are people that are connected to your referral program through a Member. They must be associated with a Member in order to be imported to your account. You can update a Referral’s information by importing a CSV with the new and/or updated fields and the Referral ID.

How to Import New or Updated Referrals

Go to Referrals > Import > then select New Referrals (here) or Updated Referrals (here) and choose your CSV file.

Choose the Referral Status. This is helpful if you want to import all Referrals as Approved, Pending, Qualified, or Denied. You can also choose ‘Take from CSV File’ if you have multiple records with different status values.

From here you can view your import preview, click Import, and view the status of your import or update.

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