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Learn the different navigational tabs within your Referral Rock account

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Below is a brief description of each section of Referral Rock and what information you will find under that section.

  1. Dashboard - This is your home screen when you log into Referral Rock. On this page, you will see your program statistics and any outstanding action items that you may need to take (such as a low gift card balance).

  2. Programs - The Programs tab displays all active and draft programs within your account. From this page, you can navigate into any program's details page to get more insight into each program, or take quick action on a program, like jumping into the program editor from the actions bar.

  3. Invites - The Invites tab is where you will manage your referral program's automated member invitations.

    1. From the Sources & Rules page, a user will see a dashboard of all invitation history, view any pending invitations, and manage the rules associated with any automated invitations.

    2. The Email Campaigns page will allow you to setup and send an invite campaign to any pending or imported potential members.

  4. Members - View your entire list of Members, add a single Member, import Members, view Member requests, and manage Email Campaigns.

  5. Referrals - View your list of Referrals, add a single Referral, or import a CSV file of new referrals, updated referrals, or sales entries.

  6. Rewards - Manage any rewards and payouts associated with your account. From here an Admin can list all rewards, view payments owed, and redeem coupon lists.

  7. Analytics- View your Member or Referral Visit Dashboards and access a list of downloadable reports.

  8. Logs - Access logs for your Payment History, Email History, Integration Events, Fraud, and other notifications.

  9. Settings - Set up and manage your team, billing, notifications, branding assets, email settings, rewards payouts, integrations, and Member Segments!

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