Manage automated communication with your Members and Referrals from the Emails page inside the program editor. From this page, you can enable/disable and edit the content of each email.

Email Types

Invite Email Template

If you are using Referral Rock to send invitations to potential members, you will want to create an Invite Email Template.

This email is used when inviting contacts to join your program through automatic invites or invite campaigns.

Pending Member Email

This email is sent to members who have attempted to join your referral program, however one of the following scenarios is occurring, preventing them from becoming a member:

  • Your account has reached the member limit

  • You are manually approving member registrations

These potential members are stored under the Member Requests page until they are manually approved to join.

Member Emails

When a client registers as a member to your Customer Referral Program, there are several email notifications you can create. You may toggle any of these emails On/Off (with the exception of the Password Reset email)

  • Member Registration : The email a new Member receives after registering for your referral program.

  • Registration Reminder: Email a member receives XX days after they register to encourage them to share more (Default is 3 days).

    • Note: If adding members via the API, the Registration email is OFF by default. To turn it on, set "ShouldSendEmail" to "True" in the POST api/members call.

  • Monthly Summary: Email summarizing a member's program participation. It raises engagement by encouraging the Member to continue sharing, view their statistics, and easily access their Member page. (see below for criteria on who receives this email)

  • Password Reset: The email notification a Member receives when they request to reset their password (always on).

  • Added Referral : Email a Member receives after a Referral is added.

  • Qualified Referral : Email a Member receives after a Referral is qualified.

  • Approved Referral : Email a Member receives after a Referral is approved.

Referral Email

Form Confirmation: The email a Referral receives after they complete a Referral page form.

Note: This email is only available for use when you are using our Referral Rock Form as your Referral Page option.

Monthly Summary Email

This email is sent on the first Monday of every month if to the members who meet the following criteria:

  • Member has been registered for 15 days or more.

  • Member has not been emailed from our system this month.

  • Is an Active Member in an Active Program.

  • Has not unsubscribed from the Monthly Emails.

Rewards and Payout Emails

Reward Rules Emails and Payout Emails are not managed in the Email & Notifications page, but you can access these areas by clicking on the Reward Rules page inside of the Program Editor and the Payouts page.

Previewing / Editing an Email

> Navigation: Main Admin Page > Programs > Select Program > "Edit" Emails & Notification or click here

To preview and edit the content of any of the emails, select the edit icon to the right of the email description and you will see the following options:

  • Enable or Disable the email by selecting the On/Off button on the left side of the email preview screen

  • Test the email by entering the desired test email address and selecting the "Test" button

  • Preview and/or Restore the email to Referral Rock's defaults by selecting Default Email > Preview / Restore

  • Select "Edit" to edit the copy for the email. You may select "Preview" to return back to the preview screen to view your email copy in your email template.
    Inside the email editor you may:

    • Edit the subject and message of the email

    • Select the Member Footer to automatically apply share options and member statistics to the bottom of your email (optional)

    • Add Sharing blocks to your email to promote member sharing

    • Use Merge Tags to include personalization to your emails

  • Don't forget to Save to save your work!

Editing the "From" field of your emails can be done in Email Settings in the Email Menu.

Sharing Blocks

Inside of the Email Editor, you will see the option to add pre-built sharing blocks into your emails. These sharing blocks allow your Members to share via social media, text and email directly from the emails they receive.

Email Resources

Set Template

Chose from a list of pre-built templates to apply to all of your program emails. You may also choose to apply a template to each email individually when editing your email copy.

Template Settings

From this section, you may manage your template settings (header image, address, social media links, etc.) or create your own custom templates. Be sure to check out our Email Template Reference Guide when creating your own template.

Restore to Default

Referral Rock has made significant updates to all of our program emails. Because of this, you may wish to restore all program emails to recommended defaults. Please be sure to preview the default before choosing this option.

Note: Restoring emails to default cannot be undone and will overwrite all styling and copy for your existing emails

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