Pre-Approved Members

Automatically approve certain members to join your referral program

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Can I Pre-Approved Members so only certain people can join my program?

When you start to promote your referral program you may want to allow certain users access to registration, but not every user. These pre-approved Members will be able to complete registration, while other users will become either a Pending member, or automatically denied registration according to your program's Registration Mode settings.

Pre-Approved Members

When you add a person to the pre-approved list and they then go to your Registration page to register for that program, they will be able to successfully register. If the user is not on the pre-approved list, one of two things will happen, depending on your Registration Mode settings:

  • Using Request Registration - any unapproved Members will see the preset registration request message. You can review Pending Member registration requests by navigating to Members > Pending > Requests or click here, and select Approve, Deny, or Delete.

  • Using Closed Registration - any people who attempt to register and are not on the pre-approved list will be automatically denied registration.

Adding Pre-Approved Members

To add pre-approved Members, navigate to Members > Pre-Approved or click here.

On the blue bar, you may manually Add or Import pre-approved Members.


  • Select Add

  • Select the Program you'd like to add the pre-approved individual to

  • Fill out the pre-approved member's First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and the optional External Identifier fields

  • Select Add to complete the addition. You will now see the individual listed on the page


  • Select Import

  • Select the Program you'd like to import a list of pre-approved people to

  • Select your CSV

  • Select Next

  • Keep the Delimiter as , and select Next

  • Double check that the Import Preview looks correct. If correct, select Import. You can then view the status of your import by viewing your Import History.


Make sure any unused columns or rows are deleted in your CSV file, otherwise it will cause the import to fail.

Inviting Pre-Approved Members

Using your email marketing platform, send an email to your pre-approved list inviting them to join your referral program. Be sure to include your unique one click access URL in the email, which when clicked, will automatically login your pre-approved members.

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