To view a Member's Details, select Members > List > locate the member you'd like to view > Select View Member Details under Actions.

On this page, you will see all member information (such as name and email), their member code, personal referral URL, all referral/reward activity, plus much more.

Action Bar

On the top right action bar you can take the following action:

  • Edit the member

  • View the Program Activity for the member

  • Disable the member

  • Resend the Registration Email

  • Manually add a referral for the member

  • Manually reward the member

Member Referral & Reward Activity

At the bottom of the member details page, you will see all referral & reward activity for the member.

  • Activity: Amount of Member Views and Referral Views.

  • Referrals: Amount of Created, Qualified, and Approved Referrals.

  • Rewards: Accumulated amount of rewards pending and rewards issued.

  • Referral List: Displays a list of this member's referrals by Name, Status, and Referral Amount.

    • The Actions drop-down menu allows you to Edit, Qualify, Approve, Deny, or Delete the Referral. If the Referral is Qualified, only Edit, Approve, Deny, and Delete will be available. If the Referral is Approved, Edit and Delete are the only available options.

  • Reward List: Displays a list of this member's qualified rewards by Description, Status/Eligibility, and Amount of the reward.

    • The Actions drop-down menu allows you to Edit, Issue, or Delete Pending rewards. Rewards that have been issued can only be deleted.

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