Member Invite Automation

Set up rules to automatically invite members to join your referral program

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Our invite automations provide an easy way for you to invite anyone in contact with your business to join your referral program. This new feature has two main functions:

  1. Collect potential invites from your account and external sources (CRMs, email marketing, e-commerce purchases).

  2. Send out invites to your programs based on rules you determine or manually in a campaign.

Invite automations allow you to "automate the ask" and create your own viral loops by automatically getting new members to share your business and get more referrals.

Sources & Rules

To view and configure your automated invite rules go to Invites > Sources & Rules from your main menu or click here.

On the Sources & Rules page you can quickly see all of your automation rules, potential invites, along with a history of all invitations that have been sent/accepted.

A Potential Invite is a contact that matched one of your existing automation rules, but since the associated rule was disabled an invite email was not sent. Once an invite is sent or the contact joins the program they are a potential invite for, they are no longer listed as a Potential Invite.

Invite Statistics

An image of invite statistics on the Invites page

Here you can see how many Invites have been sent through Invite Email Campaigns or Automation Rules and how many Members have been created from those methods over the last 30 days.


An image of an example of Invite Actions on the Invites page

An Invite Email Campaign can be easily sent to all potential invites by clicking the Invite with an Email Campaign button. This allows you to send an email campaign to invite contacts to a program of your choice. See Invite Email Campaigns below for more information.

Potential Invites are only stored for 60 days.

Sources and Automation Rules

In this section, you will determine which source(s) potential invites should pull from. Potential invites may come from your Approved Referrals, Web Conversions, API Feed, or your CRM.

An image of the Sources and Automation Rules section of the Invites Page

Each Source shows:

  • Invites: How many people have been invited from each automated rule source.

  • Joined: How many of those invites have become members from the automated rule.

  • Potential: Number of potential invites you have from that source that did not apply to a rule.

    • If any potential invites exist for a given source, the number of invites acts as a link to create an email campaign to those potential recipients.

  • Last Activity: Indicates the last time the source has received invite or potential invite information.

Approved Referrals

An image of the Approved Referrals invite rule

When a program is created, an Approved Referral Automatic Rule is created and enabled by default. You can enable/disable these rules by selecting "View Rules" and clicking the edit button that appears when you hover over the rule name. Each rule shows the name of the program that the referrals are approved in and which program those approved referrals would be invited to.

Configure Invite Rule Modal

An image of the Configure Invite Rule modal

When you edit an Approved Referral Rule, you can:

  • Enable / Disable the Invite Rule.

  • Choose which program the approved referrals from the chosen program will be invited to.

  • Determine when to send the invite: Immediately, or choose "After day delay" and enter the number of days you would like our system to wait to send the invite after the referral is approved.

Approved Referral rules can also be adjusted by accessing the program's Program Editor > Additional Options > Invite Approved Referrals.

Web Conversions

An image of the Web Conversion Invite rule

This source, when a rule is created and enabled, will automatically invite any contacts that come through as a Web Conversion that we have an email address for.

This includes all forms of web conversion, whether the conversion was successful or not. Only one Web Conversion rule can exist at a time. You may click on the Configure button to toggle the source to Enabled or Disabled depending if you want to collect Invites from Web Conversions.

If you have Web Conversions Enabled, but no rule setup, invites will not be automatically sent and instead people will collect under the 'Potential' category. By clicking on the hyperlink under 'Potential', you may create an invite campaign to those potential members.

When you create a rule, choose which Program you want these contacts to be invited to, along with when you'd like to send the invite.

Invite Feed API

An image of the Invite Feed API invite rule

Automatic Invite Rules can be created for Invite Feed API events through an API source such as Zapier. Any number of API rules can be added.

An image of the rule creation modal on the Invites Page

When you create a rule, you have two options:

  • Sending all API Invite Feed events an Automatic Invite to a chosen program.

  • Selecting an 'Event Filter' so you can trigger an Automatic Invite to a chosen program only if the contactType in the API call satisfies your chosen filter.

If an API call satisfies more than one rule, an invite will be sent from the top-most rule. By hovering over each API rule you can move the rule up or down, or delete the rule.

A gif displaying how to reorder invite rules

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many invites can I send? Do these count as members?

    1. Sent invites don't count against a your member limits, you can send email invites up to 4x the number of members in your account, if reach your limit, the unsent emails are queued up will be sent the next month.

  2. What happens if a potential invite is a member of an existing program but you want to invite them to another?

    1. Yes this will work, unless the user has unsubscribed from invites

  3. What happens if a user unsubscribes from an invite? Will that be for all invites to any program or just the one program?

    1. The user will be unsubscribed from all future invites of any program.

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