One Click Access

Provide seamless program access to anyone with an email address

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One click access links make it easy for people to access your program by eliminating the need to sign up for or log in to your program. No registration or passwords required!

With one click, people instantly get into their Member Portal to start sharing.

Use our Program Link Builder to create your own.

What does the user experience when clicking the link?

The user gets instant access to the member portal you designed so they can share without any friction.

You'll notice that with this link they won't be able to see any private information (like referral lists and rewards) but if they want to they can confirm their identity via email to see anything they want.

How do I build my link?

Open the link builder and see your platform specific guides for more specific directions.


What if a link does not work, where will the person be sent?

  • To the program landing page to sign up or log in.

Why do members sometime see locked areas on the Member Portal they have to log in to see

  • Referral Rock has the highest standard when it comes to your data’s security. We believe your members should always be able to access their share link without having to manually log in, but any area that has personally identifiable info, or risk their account security, requires them to confirm their identify by logging in. For this reason, members will be prompted to request a log in link if they try to access a locked area of the portal.

What happens when a new member clicks the link?

  • When a new members clicks these links, they will gain immediate access to their full Member Portal and will remain logged in on that device for 365 days (or until the login cookie is removed). Once the login cookie has expired or been removed, members can still access their portal and sharing options, but they will see a limited view which restricts personal information. Members will need to log back into their account to view their full portal again.

Can I build a link myself?

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