We highly recommend integrating the member experience with your website and/or app. You can do this through a basic iFrame that can be placed anywhere, or through an access script placed behind a login portal.

Embedding an iFrame (Basic)

iFrames allow you to integrate an active Referral Rock programs share options on your own site. This option will allow you more freedom and control over the style of the surrounding page. Customers will be able to register and become members, and members will be able to log in to access their personal sharing link(s) directly from your own site.

An example of our iFrame Share Block

Your personal iFrame code can be found on the Program Details page.

  1. Scroll down to the Integrations section of the page and select the Integrate iFrame button.

  2. Your program code will be listed under the iFrame HTML Code section of the iFrame Integration page.

While the Share Block of the Member Portal is supported in the embed experience, the following pages and functionality are not supported by the embed function:

  • Dashboard, including Member Stats

  • Referrals page

  • Rewards page

  • Account settings

  • Dashboard, including Member Stats

Embedding Automatic Access/Login (Advanced)

Integrating an iFrame into your existing website behind a login portal is another great way to increase engagement. When the share experience is embedded into your site and Members don't have to login, it increases the odds Members will share their links.

Example of Full Member Portal Embed

You can use this option if you already have user information available via a login area, form or sale confirmation page, or even a URL with user parameters. Then you can pass this information via JavaScript to automatically register and log in your users in an iFrame embedded on your site. This means that when they land on the page with your iFrame, it will already have their sharing dashboard open and ready to go for them.

This is made possible via the Access Script.

The script works by replacing an iFrame or anchor link targeted by its id with an automatically generated Referral Rock iFrame that contains the member parameters you pass in.

Learn more about integrating Member Access in our Integration Docs

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