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Embed the Member Experience
Embed the Member Experience

Integrate the Member share experiences into your site

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We highly recommend integrating the member experience with your website and/or application. Visit the Integration Docs for detailed instructions.

Embedding Automatic Access/Login (Advanced)

Integrating the share experience into your site or application lets members natively access and share your program without leaving your page.

Important Restrictions

Embedded experiences are ONLY possible when the user/customer is known, and you have programmatic access to their contact information.

Examples include a post-login area of your site, a form or sale confirmation page, or a URL with user parameters.

If the user/customer's information is unknown, you need to either:

This restriction is due to browsers limiting SSO (i.e., Google and Facebook) behavior when part of an embedded experience.

Share Widget

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Full Portal Embed

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Custom Experience

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