Email History Log
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To check your email history, including statuses (delivered, opened, clicked, undelivered, and pending) select Logs > Email History or click here.

The Email Log shows you the overall statistics and email messages sent across all active programs. Above the general statistics, you can see a dropdown menu that allows you to filter by email type.

Here you can filter through all emails. Undelivered emails may show that they have bounced. Clicking on the email address or status will bring up detailed information.

For example, the following email bounced. In this example, the email address does not exist.

Status options you may see in your Referral Rock Account

  • Pending - Email has been prepared and will be sent soon.

  • Sent - Email has been sent out.

  • Delivered - Email has reached the inbox of the intended recipient.

  • Opened - Message has been opened.

  • Clicked - Links in the email have been clicked on.

  • Undelivered - The message did not reach the inbox of the intended recipient. This may be due to an incorrect email.

  • Spam - Email message was sent to the recipients spam box.

  • Unsubscribe - Message recipient has chosen to no longer receive RR emails.

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