Use Referral Rock to send an email campaign inviting people to join your referral program.

When creating an invite campaign, you may choose to import a CSV of recipients or send a campaign to individuals that Referral Rock has collected as 'Potential Members' through our Invite Automation Rules.

To create an Invite campaign navigate to Invites > Email Campaigns or click here

All of your Invite Email Campaigns are accessible on this page, showing Display Name, Subject Line, Status, Program, as well as actions to view, clone, edit or delete.

Choose your Invite Campaign Type

In the top right hand corner, select Add Invite Campaign and then choose to create campaign for Potential Invites or an Imported list.

Potential Invites Campaign

If you choose Potential Invites, a list of collected potential invites will appear on the screen. The Source dropdown is available on the left to filter your Potential Invites by source

You may Exclude any Potential Invite from the list by selecting Exclude.

Then, select the program you wish to invite people to join.

Imported List Invite Campaign

If you choose to import a list of recipients, select the program that you wish to invite people to then select Next.

Follow the CSV guidelines to successfully import your recipients into Referral Rock.

Note: Import files are limited to 10k rows per import

Design & Send your Invite Campaign

  1. Once you've completed the steps above, it's time to design your email.

    1. Adjust your template, subject line, and body as desired

  2. Click Next

  3. Choose to send your campaign Now or Schedule for later

    1. If you select, Now your emails will be placed in a queue to be sent out as soon as possible. Depending on load, this may take several minutes to complete.

    2. When you select Schedule, you are able to select a date and time.

  4. Select Save (if Scheduled) or Send (if sending Now)

Note: At this time, program invitations are limited to one invite per person. Once a person has been sent an invitation, it is not possible to send them another invite using the Invite Campaign feature.

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