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Can my members have more than one referral link?
Can my members have more than one referral link?
Updated over a week ago

Yes! Your members can have up to 20 additional unique links to share with their networks.

These additional links will display on the member portal below the member stats block.

These links will be available to copy only. All easy share buttons will apply to the main referral link only.

Enabling Additional Referral Links

  1. Navigate to the Member Portal page in the Program Editor or click here.

  2. Select Branding > Dashboard

  3. Enable Additional Referral Links

    Additional links option enabled in the program editor
  4. Add a title, URL, link short code and description for your additional referral link.

    1. Note: The Link Short Code will be added to the end of the referral URL to help your member distinguish which link is which.

      An image showing the Additional Link option filled out

  5. Select Add Links to create another link or select Save to save your changes. To Remove a link, select Remove Link.

  6. Your Additional Links will now be live on your member portal.

Additional Links displayed on the member portal

Additional Referral Links will require the same integration(s) as your default referral link for accurate referral capture. Reach out to the Referral Rock team if you have questions on Additional Referral Links.

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