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Get detailed information about your member's visits

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The Member Visits dashboard allows you to track your member's activity as they engage with your referral program.

Through the dashboard, you can now see the impressions, views, and visits it takes for a member to take action (join, share, request to join, etc). This will help you to optimize the adoption and shares of your program over time.

How to Use the Dashboard

Navigate to the Member Visits Dashboard by going to Analytics > Member Visits

Use the filters at the top of the page to sort the data by:

  • Program

  • Time Frame

  • Visitor type (Is this their first member visit or are they returning)

  • Source/Medium (the domain members were on before visiting your site)

  • Campaign (pulled from the UTM_campaign code- if using)

Click on any member's traffic history to see their personal analytics in order to get a better understanding of their visit.

How to use Member Visit Data

Member Visits can be used to track:

  • The number of members who are visiting the site

  • The pages that members are visiting

  • The actions that members are taking

  • The time that members are spending on the site

  • The sources of traffic to the site

This information can be used to improve the site and make it more engaging for members. For example, if you see that members are spending a lot of time on a particular page, you can add more content to that page. Or, if you see that members are not visiting a particular page, you can remove it or make it easier to find.


What is a member visit?

Member Visits are a way to track the activity of members and users who may become members on the site. A Member Visit is created when a member interacts with the site, whether they are logged in or not.

What is an 'Anonymous Member'?

This is a person that visits the authentication page but is not logged into their member profile.

How do you determine a source of a member visit?

If a member to your site has their login cookie on their browser, we store the referring URL and then interpret that URL to define the source. If no URL is present, we set to the source to “direct”.

What does medium mean?

This is like a marketing channel and is either explicitly defined or interpreted based on the login URL. For example, if the URL is, the medium will be set to “social”. If a member clicks a link to your site and that link had a medium value set to “affiliate” then the medium will show as source.

How do I use UTMs like campaign with my member visit traffic?

An example is a marketing email campaign. If you email your members and the CTA link in the email has a UTM for campaign, that campaign UTM will then be stored with the member visit.

What happens if a member shares multiple times within the same visit?

Only one “Share” activity will be logged, even if the member shares multiple times in a short period of time

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