Referral Rock partners with Tango to fulfill gift card rewards. Tango makes rewarding your members and referrals easy and straightforward with hundreds of options to choose from. You can find Tango's support page here.

Note: In order to use Tango, you will need to create a free Tango account inside of Referral Rock. You cannot use another Tango account.

For setup and funding instructions, visit our Integration Docs

Gift Card Options

Referral Rock offers a number of e-gift card options for rewards, including:

  • Reward Link (This allows the user to choose from dozens of gift cards, including donations. Reward Link is available in 10+ currencies/options. See the Reward Link Catalog to learn more)

  • Amazon Gift Cards

  • Visa Prepaid (USD, CAD)

  • Mastercard Prepaid (USD, EUR, GBP, HDK, JPY, AUD)

  • Starbucks Gift Cards

  • Donation Gift Cards

Gift cards are fulfilled via email and will include all instructions needed for the recipient to activate the card and redeem their rewards. What do Gift Card rewards look like for the recipient?

Is there a gift card that you like to use that isn’t on this list? Let us know!

For setup and funding instructions, visit our Integration Docs

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