There are some rewards that we can reissue. To view all of your issued rewards, select Logs > Payment History or by clicking here.

Gift Card: Locate the Gift Card Payment (Source: Gift_Card) that you would like to reissue and select Details under Action.

  1. Scroll down to Actions and select Resend.

  2. Referral Rock will show you what email the gift card will be resent to. Select Resend.

Emailed Coupons/Vouchers: Locate the Email payment (Source: Email) that you would like to resend and select Details under Action.

  1. Scroll down to Email and select View.

  2. Under Status, select the Resend Email icon.

  3. Review that all information is correct, edit the subject line and adjust the Resend Options if desired, then select Send.

PayPal: Unfortunately we cannot reissue PayPal rewards as the process is automatic if the rewarded member or referral has an active PayPal account associated with the email address you sent the reward to. If they do not, they will receive a request to create an account. The reward is considered unclaimed until they create a PayPal account. If a PayPal reward is unclaimed for 30 days, it will be returned to your account in Referral Rock. If this happens, the associated reward will be set back to pending where it can be resent.

Manual: We cannot reissue manual rewards as these types of rewards are issued external from Referral Rock.

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