Gift Card Reward Experience
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What do Gift Card rewards look like for the recipient?

Our gift card partner, Tango, fulfills all gift card rewards for your members and referrals. Gift cards are sent to reward recipients digitally to the email that is on their Referral Rock profile.

Redeeming a gift card reward from Tango is easy and straightforward.

Reward Link Gift Card

Reward Link is a great reward option because it allows the recipient to choose their own reward from hundreds of retail and charity options.

Below, is an example of the US Reward Link gift card email

When a recipient clicks on the "Redemption Link", they can then select from hundreds of retail & donation options (including Amazon). Once they check out, they will receive their digital gift card via email.

Prepaid gift card

Through Tango, you may also reward with a prepaid Visa or MasterCard in various currencies.

Below, is an example of the US Prepaid Visa gift card email.

When a recipient clicks on the "Redemption Link", they will be taken to the prepaid card site to enter their information to receive their digital gift card. If they select a physical gift card, they will be asked to enter their address for delivery and be charged a small fee.

Please note: Visa and MasterCard options both have expiration dates of four months. Funds are forfeited if not redeemed in this time frame.

Donation gift card

If a charitable donation gift card is selected as the reward, Tango Card will send the funds to the charity on the reward recipient's behalf. No action is necessary from the reward recipient. The reward recipient should save their confirmation email as proof of donation during tax time.

An example of the donation confirmation email that is sent to the recipient is below.

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