Payouts are the methods in which rewards are distributed to your members and/or referrals.

Payouts are managed from the Payouts page. On this page you will manage your payout balances, reward emails, as well as:

  1. View your Payment History

  2. Adjust payout schedules

  3. Batch issue pending rewards

  4. Set annual payment limits

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General Payout Settings

Payment History

Displays a log of all payments that have been issued

Schedule Payments

Run an automation on the schedule you choose. This will issue all eligible pending rewards for this payout type. All scheduled payouts are issued at approximately 07:00AM (12:00 UTC).

Each Payout type may be set on a schedule by choosing a schedule option from the dropdown next to each Payout type. The options allow you to automatically issue all eligible pending rewards daily, weekly, or monthly.

Issue by Recipient

Displays all payments batched by Type or Recipient, allowing for easy batch payments instead of needing to individually issue each Payout.

Annual Payment Limits

Limit Annual Payments to $599. If you choose to limit annual payments, recipients will not receive payouts above the limit unless they are approved for excess payments. Payment limits are reset at the beginning of each new calendar year. This can be enabled for any Payout type.

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