Payouts are the methods in which rewards are distributed to your members and/or referrals.

Once you have created Reward Rules that are tied to a specific payout type, you can manage your reward funds, adjust payout schedules and set annual payment limits from the main Payouts Page inside of Referral Rock.


When a Reward Rule is created it is connected to a Payout type. You can access your Payouts for initial setup and management by selecting Settings > Payouts or by clicking here.

Here you will be able to connect any external accounts, manage balances, edit payout emails when applicable, review and issue rewards, and more.

Payment History

Displays a log of all payments.

Schedule Payments

Run an automation on the schedule you choose. This will issue all eligible pending rewards for this payout type. All scheduled payouts are issued at approximately 07:00AM (12:00 UTC).

Each Payout may be individually set on a schedule by choosing a schedule option from the dropdown next to each Payout type. The options allow you to automatically issue all eligible pending rewards daily, weekly, or monthly.

The Schedule Payments feature is available on our Growth and Established Business plans.

Issue by Recipient

Displays all payments batched by Type or Recipient, allowing for easy batch payments instead of needing to individually issue each Payout.

Annual Payment Limits

Limit Annual Payments to $599. If you choose to limit annual payments, recipients will not receive payouts above the limit unless they are approved for excess payments. Payment limits are reset at the beginning of each new calendar year. This can be enabled for any Payout type.

Funding your Payouts


Coupon rewards will prompt you to Setup your coupon settings. After setup the button will update to Review & Issue. If you would like to edit the email the recipient received when the coupon is sent, click the Settings wheel and choose Recipient Email. Coupons can be entered manually or randomly generated.

By selecting the Settings wheel and selecting Manage Coupon Set you can see Coupons Owed, coupons redeemed, and adjust your coupon settings.

Custom Rewards

Custom Rewards, such as “Swag Hoodie” seen below offer the ability to edit the Recipient email send when the reward is received as well as the option to customize the units of the custom reward to best fit what the reward is.

Gift Cards

  1. Setup Gift Card account (Tango) from the Payouts page.

  2. Fund your account using either Credit Cards or ACH transfer.

  3. The Settings icon from the Payouts page allows you to Manage Account to view balance, set a low amount notification, and view funding history. You may also customize the email for each type of Gift Card type you have a reward rule for


  1. Follow the setup instructions for PayPal found here.

  2. The Settings icon from the Payout page allows you to manage your account including low balance alerts and the Recipient Email.

PayPal's Available Balance cannot be displayed because only PayPal partners can view account balance. Please check your PayPal account manually.

Building your Reward Emails

After you have created your rewards rules, connected a payout, and funded your payout, your last step is to create the reward email. Your reward emails can be modified through your payouts page by selecting Settings > Payouts or by clicking here.

  1. Here you will find a list of all of your payouts. Find the payout associated with your programs reward rules, click on the gray gear icon in the payout widget and select Recipient Email from the drop down.

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