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Edit your program's Terms & Conditions

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Rather than crowding your Program Landing Page and Member Dashboard with a list of instructions, utilize the Terms & Conditions section to house FAQs that your Members may have. Here is a link to a sample of Terms and Conditions that you can use.

To edit your Terms & Conditions:

  1. Navigate to the Portal page of the Program Editor (or click here)

  2. Select Terms & Conditions from the drop-down menu

  3. Select Edit Page

Change terms and conditions of the Referral program

Terms & Conditions

Enable or Disable your program's Terms & Conditions. This is Enabled by default. When Enabled, The Terms & Conditions are displayed in the footer of each page in the Portal.

Display Mode

If you would like to display Terms & Conditions at an external URL, click "External Link." Otherwise, you can select "HTML Content" and create your Terms & Conditions page in the space below.

  • If set to External Link: Enter the URL for your Terms & Conditions page. When the member views your Terms & Conditions, they will be redirected to this URL.

  • If set to HTML Content: Your Terms & Conditions page will be hosted by Referral Rock. Create your Terms & Conditions by using the text boxes provided:

    • Title: The Title of the page when the user views your Terms & Conditions.

    • Content: Use our editor to create the body of your Terms & Conditions Page (see image below).

An image of an example Terms & Conditions page

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