The Referrals Tab on the Member Portal keeps your members up to date on their referrals and where they are in your sales process.


To edit the Referrals Tab:

  1. Navigate to the Portal page of the Program Editor (or click here)

  2. Select My Referrals from the drop down menu

  3. Select Edit Page

Enable or Disable

This toggles the availability of the Referrals Page. This is Enabled by default. If set to Disabled, the Referrals tab will be removed and will not be accessible by members.

Public Note

Choose whether you'd like members to be able to view any Public Note associated with their referrals (if using).


Choose if you'd like to show members the purchase amount of the referral (if using).

Member Note

This column is optional and only available when using Direct Add.

Direct Add Referral Button

Optional button to Add referrals directly from the member portal on the My Referrals page. This is only available when using Direct Add.

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