Rewarding your members and referrals are a vital part of your referral program. Referral Rock offers many customizable reward options.

On the Reward page of the Program Editor, you can add multiple member rewards and a single referral reward.

Adding a new Reward Rule

Note: While you can have multiple member reward rules, there can only be one referral reward rule

  1. Select Add Member Rule or Add Referral Rule

  2. On the left sidebar, you can Enable or Disable the rule and optionally add an internal Description.

  3. If you would like this particular reward to only be earned within a certain time frame, then check the Limit by Date button (for Member Rules only) and select the desired date range. If you would like the reward to be earned at any time, leave the option unchecked.

Choose the Type of Reward

Under the "Reward Member with" or "Reward Referral with" Section, determine the type of reward that this rule will trigger. A list of all available options is below.

  1. Choose Add New Reward

Reward types marked as Premium are available on our Growth and Established Business plans.

Gift Cards (Premium)

Choose from hundreds of gift cards, fulfilled through our partner Tango

  • Choose a gift card option

  • Reward amount: Fixed amount or percentage of sale

Custom Reward

A reward that you will fulfill outside of Referral Rock. Cash, swag, etc

  • The Reward Title is used in reward delivery email to the member letting them know they received the reward

  • Reward amount: Fixed amount or percentage of sale. For singular items like a t-shirt or mug, this amount should be equal to "1" for one t-shirt. For things like points or currency, input any numerical value.

PayPal (Premium)

You can choose the currency the reward will be delivered in but if the recipient currency is different than your PayPal account’s set currency, a conversion fee will be apply on top of the cost of the reward.

  • Choose Reward Currency that members will receive the reward in.

  • Reward amount: Fixed amount or percentage of sale.

Wise (Premium)

  • Coming soon


  • Coupon Name: Title will be used in the reward delivery email to the member letting them know they have received this reward

  1. Determine desired settings and then select Finish in the top right corner.

Trigger reward when...

  1. Select Setup

  2. Determine your desired Status Trigger. This reward will be earned by the Member or Referral when the referral’s status is the chosen Referral Event Trigger: Pending, Qualified, Approved.

When a referral goes from Pending Status to Approved Status, the referral will also pass through Qualified status at the same time and therefore will trigger any Qualified Status rewards.

Additional Options

  • Number of Referrals Tier (For member reward rules only): Use a referral tier for a rule to only apply to certain referrals. For example, if you only want this reward rule to apply to the first 10 referrals.

  • Referral Sales Amount Tier: The reward will only be earned if the referral’s amount is meets the set requirements.

  1. Determine desired settings and then select Finish in the top right corner.

Reward Delivery

Review & Issue

Manual Review

After a reward is triggered and earned, it will enter the Pending Rewards queue where it can be reviewed and issued to the member. This is helpful to prevent fraud and a best practice when using a new reward rule to make sure it’s functioning as expected.

  • Add Issue Delay (Optional): A delay can be added below if you want to prevent a member from getting a reward within a return policy time frame. After the delay passes, the reward can be issued to the member.

Issue Instantly

Automatic Rewards, no manual review needed. Rewards will immediately be delivered to the member. This option is best used after a Reward Rule has been tested using Review & Issue to ensure it’s functioning as expected and rewards are not issued on accident.

  1. Double check to ensure your reward is Enabled, all sections are Finished, and select Save.

You have created your first Reward!

On the Reward page of the Program Editor your reward will now be displayed. Under Actions, you can edit the reward, clone it, or delete it.

When your reward logic is met, your rule(s) will create a reward inside of Referral Rock, but you will still need to setup your payout account to fulfill the reward. Learn about setting up your payout account.

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