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Send reward coupons from Referral Rock

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Coupon rewards are great for issuing discount codes to your members or referrals. From inside of Referral Rock, you can import a coupon list, automatically generate codes, or provide us with a static code to send to all recipients.

Create a Coupon Reward

To create (or edit) a coupon reward, navigate to the Rewards page of the Program Editor and create a new reward rule with Coupon as the payout type.

Name your coupon set (this name will be used publicly to the reward recipient).

An image highlighting the coupons option when creating a new reward rule

Once your coupon rewards have been created for your program, you will manage all coupon sets on the main Payouts Page.

Edit the Coupon Reward Email

Coupons will be sent to reward recipients via email. To edit this email, navigate to the Emails page of the program editor.

  1. Scroll down to the Reward Payout Emails section

  2. Find your coupon reward and select the Edit icon. This will open the email editor to customize your reward email.

  3. Customize the Email

    1. Make sure you include proper merge tags for personalization.

    2. Ensure the merge tag {REWARD_ITEM} is required in order to display the coupon code in the email.

  4. Save a draft of your email or Publish it to make it live.

If {REWARD_ITEM} is not included in your email, the recipient will not receive your coupon!

Create your Coupon Set

Now that your reward logic and reward email has been created, create your coupon set on the Payouts page.

Navigation: Main Admin Page > Settings > Payouts

  1. Select the Setup button on your Coupon reward card to open the Coupon Settings modal.

  2. Select your Coupon Source from the drop down and configure your options. You have three (3) options for coupon types within Referral Rock:

  3. Confirm your Coupon Source.

  4. Once confirmed, you will be redirected to the Manage Coupon Set page.

Manage your Coupon Sets

Continue to edit and manage your coupon sets from the Payouts page.

Navigation: Main Admin Page > Settings > Payouts

  1. Select the gear icon in your coupon reward on the Payouts Page.

  2. Select Manage Coupon Set.

  3. The Manage Coupon Set page will open.

An image showing how to manage the coupon set on the payouts page

This page will tell you the type of coupon source, how many coupons are owed to reward recipients, your open coupon balance (if using the Import Single Use Coupon source) as well as the referral programs using that coupon set.

Import Single Use Coupons

Select this coupon source if you wish to import a list of coupons from an external source (ie: Shopify).

When choosing this coupon source type, select when you would like to receive a Low Balance Warning Email. Once your coupon balance falls below the limit that you set, a notification email will be sent.

On the Manage Coupon Set Page, you will see a list of all Open and Redeemed coupons for your coupon set.

Add Coupons

  1. Select the Add Coupons button.

  2. Add your coupon codes in the box provided

    1. Coupon codes are comma delimited

  3. Select Submit and your newly added coupon codes will now display on the list

As coupon codes are issued, the code status will change to 'Distributed' and the coupon recipient will be listed. To delete a coupon code, select the delete icon.

Randomly Generate

Select this coupon source if you would like Referral Rock to randomly generate coupon codes for recipients.

When creating this coupon source type, select the character length for your randomly generated coupons and indicate if there should be a prefix added coupon codes.

Set a Fixed Coupon Code

Select this coupon source if you have a static or fixed coupon code to use for rewards.

When creating this coupon source type, enter the fixed coupon code in the box provided.

Change Coupon Reward Amount

When creating a coupon reward inside of Referral Rock, the reward amount is set to a fixed amount of one (1). This amount means that Referral Rock will issue one coupon, per recipient when a reward has been earned.

If you decide to change your coupon amount, for example from a discount of 15% to 20%, there is no need to adjust your existing coupon set. Instead, disable the existing coupon reward and then create a new coupon reward.

Disable the current coupon Reward Rule:

  1. Navigate to the Reward Rules page of the Program Editor

  2. Select the Edit icon next to the coupon reward that you wish to disable

  3. Toggle the Rule Status from 'Enabled' to 'Disabled'

  4. Select Save

The Reward Rule is now nested under the "Show Disabled Rules" collapsable menu.

Create a new coupon Reward Rule:

  1. On the Reward Rules page of the Program editor, create a new Coupon Reward.

  2. Follow the directions in the Coupon Rewards article to create a new coupon set.

  3. Once your new coupon codes are imported into Referral Rock, your new coupon reward is ready to go!

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