Wise Reward Experience
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What does the Wise reward experience look like for the recipient?

Accepting funds from Wise is a simple process for the reward recipient.

Once the Wise reward has been issued from Referral Rock, the recipient will receive an email from Wise. An example of what that email looks like is below.

Referral Rock Inc will be replaced with the business name associated with your Wise Business account.

Selecting Complete your Transfer will take the recipient to the Wise website where they will be prompted to create an account or login.

When creating an account, after entering their email address & password they will be asked to verify their phone number (through a code sent via SMS).

Once their account is created, the recipient will be asked to enter their banking information & address in order to complete the transfer of funds.

After the banking information is confirmed, they will receive a confirmation on the screen (and via email) that the transfer is in progress and an estimate of when they should expect their funds.

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