1. Select Referrals > Add from the main dashboard menu

  2. Select the program that you would like to add the referral to and the enter the referring member's referral code or identifying information (name or email) and select Find Referring Member

  3. Select the blue 'Select' button next to the correct member who will be credited for this referral (if the member does not yet exist, you will need to manually add the member to the program first)

  4. Enter in the referral's details. Some fields, like first name and email, may be required.

    1. Optional: Select "approve referral" if you want to automatically move the referral's status to 'Approved' once they are created

    2. Optional: Send Admin Notification to your program's administrator to notify them that there is a new referral associated with your referral program

  5. When you are finished, select 'Add Referral' and your referral will be immediately added to your program. If you have the Added Referral email turned on for your program, the associated member will receive this email once the referral is created.

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