Email Campaigns are a great way to promote your referral program to your existing members directly from inside of Referral Rock.

Email Campaigns allows for flexibility to send messages to Members based on profile characteristics or through our Member Segments feature. Using Email Campaigns with Member Segments, you can target your campaign message in many ways.

A few popular examples of Email Campaigns are:

  • Reach out to the members that have provided referrals to encourage them to continue sharing.

  • Remind members that have never made a referral to share their link, and offer easy sharing options straight in the email.

  • Inspire your members who have not logged into their dashboard in a while to share and view their statistics.

  • Share any program updates with your Members (new incentives, a bonus for sharing more, etc)

Note: Referral Rock limits the number of emails sent to 4x your Member limit per month.

Create an Email Campaign

  1. Select Members > Email Campaigns or click here.

  2. Click Create a Member Campaign.

  3. Name your Campaign and select a template.

  4. Enter Email Subject and Customize email to your liking.Using our merge tags to personalize your email will make the member feel welcome to your program. Consider including the Member Footer or a Sharing Block so your members can get started sharing right away.

  5. Select Next to choose the relevant program and click Add.

  6. Either select an existing Member Segment from the drop down menu, or select + Add under "Choose an existing Member Segment or Filter" to add a Filter. You can continue adding filters to narrow down which Members you would like to reach with your campaign.

    1. All Members that match your Program and Filters will appear under Recipients. You may manually exclude members in this list by checking the Exclude box next to that Member's name.

  7. Select Next. You can test the email by entering an email and selecting Send Test.

  8. Select Next. Here you can choose to send the emails now (Send) or schedule a time (Save). If you select, 'Send' your emails will be placed in a queue to be sent out as soon as possible. Depending on load, this may take several minutes to complete.

If you'd like to make edits to your Scheduled Email Campaign you must first Cancel the campaign and then edit it as a Draft.

View, Edit, Clone, Cancel, or Delete a Campaign

Select Members > Email Campaigns or click here.

  1. View the campaign's details

  2. Edit a campaign Draft

  3. Clone a campaign

  4. Delete a Draft campaign

  5. Cancel a Scheduled campaign

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