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Filter your members using Member Segments

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Member Segments are a set of filters that allow you to narrow down your Member list by specific characteristics.

Member Segments are available under Settings > Member Segments (or by clicking here).

Keep in mind that Member Segments are not program specific (To filter by program, use the program filter on the member list page).

How to Create a Member Segment

  1. Navigate to Settings > Member Segments or click here.

  2. Select Add Segment.

  3. Name your segment and add a description.

  4. Under Segment Data, select + Add to add a filter. You may add as many filters as you need to narrow down your target audience.

  5. Select Add at the bottom to add the Member Segment.

Viewing Members in a Segment

  1. From the Member Segments page, select View

  2. Select Open on the member page. This will bring you to your Member List with the filters already applied.

How to use Member Segments

Segments are typically used with Email Campaigns in order to target members that share certain characteristics.

Perhaps you'd like to reach out to members that have not provided any referrals and have not shared in over 30 days to encourage them to share your program with their friends and family.

Maybe you'd like to send a special thank you message to your members with the most referrals.

This can be done easily using Member Segments + Email Campaigns right in Referral Rock without the need to use an external email program.

Deleting Member Segments

On the Member Segments page you can select the pen and paper icon to Edit the Member Segment, and the red X to delete.

Member Segment Filters

The filters available below can be customized to include a day range when appropriate, exists/does not exist, is, equals, starts with/ends with, contains, and more.


  • Create Date

  • Last Login

  • Last Share

  • Last Referral View


  • Email

  • Phone

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • External Identifier

  • Referral Code

  • Custom Text 1 Name

  • Custom Text 1 Value

  • Custom Option 1 Name

  • Custom Option 1 Value

  • Custom Text 2 Name

  • Custom Text 2 Value

  • Custom Option 2 Name

  • Custom Option 2 Value

  • Source

  • UTM Source

  • UTM Medium

  • UTM Campaign

  • Browser Referrer URL


  • Total Views

  • Total Referrals

  • Referrals Pending

  • Referrals Approved

  • Total Rewards

  • Referrals Approved Amount

  • Total Reward Amount

  • Rewards Pending Amount

  • Rewards Issued Amount

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