Referral Details Page

A walkthrough of the referral details page

Updated over a week ago

When you click on a specific referral inside of Referral Rock, it will open their referral details page. This page will provide you with important information about the referral.

  1. Referral Details include their name, Internal ID, email, external ID, source, etc.

  2. Program Details indicate what program they are a part of and what Member referred them.

  3. Referral Status shows the current status, amount, Qualified Date, Approved Date, and any notes.

  4. Payments Owed will show you any rewards this Referral is owed but have not been issued yet.

  5. Reward List is a history of rewards this Referral has qualified for. Includes name of the Reward, Status, and Amount. Actions allow you Edit, Issue, or Delete rewards. Not every reward type will have all options.

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