First, check your Email History log to confirm that the Registration Email was sent. Sometimes, emails sent from Referral Rock can be delayed or slip into Spam/Junk folders.

If the Registration Email does not appear on the Email History log, that would indicate that the email was not sent. See below for a list of reasons of why this can occur.

Manually Adding a Member

When manually adding a member, the "Send Registration Email to Member" option is ON by default. Uncheck this option only if you do not want the Registration Email to send

Importing Members

When importing members, the feature to send the Registration Email on import is hidden by default. Often times, customers wish to import a list of members prior to officially launching their referral program and therefore are not ready to send the Registration Email.

If you wish for the Registration Email to send as soon as the import is successful, please reach out to our Support team to enable this feature.

When enabled, you will see a "Send Registration Email to Member" check box during the import process.

Please Note: When selected, the Registration email will send as soon as the member is created via the import.

Adding Members via the API

If you are adding new members via the API, the Registration Email is turned OFF by default.

When using the POST api/members API call, change "shouldSendEmail" to "True" and the email will now send when a new member is added.

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