Coupon rewards are great for issuing discount codes to your members or referrals. From inside of Referral Rock, you can import a coupon list, automatically generate codes, or provide us with a static code to send to all recipients.

Manage Coupon Sets

After your reward rules have been created for your program, you will manage all coupon sets on the main Payouts Page.

Add a Coupon Set

> Navigation: Main Admin Page > Settings > Payouts or click here.

You can add a coupon set as a payout by creating a reward rule with coupon as the reward type. Once a reward rule has been created, you will be able to create and manage your coupon set.

  1. Select the gear icon in your coupon reward on the Payouts Page.

  2. Select Manage Coupon Set

  1. On the Manage Coupon Set page, select the gear icon to indicate your coupon source. You can import single use coupons, have Referral Rock randomly generate coupon codes for you, or set a fixed coupon code to be sent to all recipients. You can also set a Low Balance Warning to receive an email when your coupon balance reaches a certain threshold.

    1. This page lists the coupon codes you have created for this set. Select Add Coupons to add additional coupons codes. You can also edit and delete coupons from this page.

Recipient Email

Coupons will be sent to reward recipients via email. To edit this email, select the gear icon on the main payout page next to the coupon reward.

  1. Select Recipient Email

  2. Customize the Email

    1. Make sure you include proper merge tags for personalization.

    2. Ensure the merge tag {REWARD_ITEM} is required in order to display the coupon code in the email.

If {REWARD_ITEM} is not included in your email, the recipient will not receive your coupon!

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