Member List Page
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The Member List page gives you a list of all Members.

To access your list select Members > List or click here.

Use the drop-down menu to refine your member list by program. You may filter your data by Program, Member Status, or Create Date using the filters at the top of the list.

Use Member Segment for more advanced filtering.

A gif displaying how to use member segments and download a report on the members list page

Additional Member Actions

From this view, you can also take additional Member actions include

  1. Add New

  2. View Details

  3. Edit

  4. Disable

  5. Delete

Download Member List

If you would like to download a CSV of all Members, choose All Programs. Otherwise, choose which program and filters you would like the list for.

At the bottom of the Member List, there is a downward arrow. Click this arrow to download the CSV.

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