Merge Tags Explained

How to use Merge Tags within Referral Rock

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Merge tags help you customize and personalize your text areas. Use a merge tag and the system will replace it with the correct text. They can be used throughout your referral workflows on both pages and emails.

Different merge tags are available based on where the text is in the referral process. For example on a member page, "Referral" merge tags are not available. If the system does not have the text for the merge tag you use, the system will replace it with blank text (so the merge tag itself will not be displayed).

List of Merge Tags

Click here for a full list of merge tags and when they are available for use.

How to Use Merge Tags

Within Referral Rock, merge tags are used in a variety of ways:

  1. To personalize member and referral messaging, landing pages and emails

  2. Added to redirect URLs so that member information is carried onto your external referral page

To apply a merge tag inside of Referral Rock, simply copy the merge tag and place it into your text area.

To add a merge tag to a redirect URL, add '?MERGETAGNAME={MERGETAGVALUE}' to the end of your URL. For example:{MEMBER_FULL_NAME}. In this example, the member's full name will be pulled into the URL.

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