As of 10/13/2020 we began hashing new API keys. This means your Private Key and Basic Auth key will not be visible after initial creation. While this will not disrupt the functionality of your integrations, please copy these keys in a safe place.

  1. To find your API Keys, log in to your Referral Rock account and navigate to Integrations (Settings > Integrations) or click here.

  2. Scroll down on the page until you are able to see ‘Manage API Keys’ under Libraries.

  3. After choosing ‘Manage API Keys’, you will be able to view your Public Key.

  4. To add your secondary Private Key, click Add API Key and name the key.

  5. We suggest giving it a name relating to the application in use for easy reference later. Continue and Save your Private Key in a safe place, as it will not be visible later.

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