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A walkthrough of the different data points on the dashboard and how you may use them

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When provided with relevant data showcasing workflow and trends, you can detect ways to optimize and increase the value from your programs while avoiding any potential fallout.


The Summary section displays relevant stats across all programs, including recommended Action items and high level Management Statistics.

Read more about each of these sections below.

Member Stats

  • Enrollment: Includes all Invites sent and each registration page view which includes site (portal) registration page views along with embedded registration page views (widget & iframe).

  • Joined: Members that have joined a program, sorted by Source. Sources include Registration page, One click access, API, Import, Direct add, Member request, Single sign on, Invite Automation, and Invite Campaign.

  • Engagement: Reflects how much your Members are engaging with your program. Statistics included in this statistic reflects Member portal views (including embedded programs), how many times your members have shared the program, and how many Referral Rock emails they have opened.

Referral Stats

Note: Referral Visits and Page Views are cookie reliant.

  • Referral Visits: Referral visits generated from your members' referral links. This statistic shows the UTM source of the visit, if available. A Referral Visit is not the same as normal page views. Referral Visits are counted after 30 minutes of inactivity by the referral.

    • For example, if a referral clicked a members link and is sent to a referral page with a form, they may want to read through the offer before filling the form out. Each time they revisit or refresh the page, each page view the referral makes will count as 1 Referral Visit once the referral has had no page view activity for 30 minutes.

  • Page Views: Each individual page view a Referral has made after clicking a Member's referral link. The statistic breaks up which page views were directly from a Member's referral link, as well as any external page views, which includes visitors that have been cookied as a referral and may visit your website which contains our Universal Tracking Script.

  • Captured: Referrals that have been converted, separated by Status.


The Actions section reflects recommended actions to be taken to manage your programs. This section will display 8 suggested Actions at a time. If more are available, you may click "More actions" to view all recommended Action items. Each item links to the appropriate page where you may resolve the recommended action.

  • Member limit reached : You have reached your plan's Member Limit.

  • Member limit almost reached : You are approaching your plan's Member Limit.

  • Program to activate: There are 1 or more programs in Draft.

  • Coupons balance low : If you are using Coupons as a payout option in an active Program, this will display when your Coupons balance is low. Visit your Coupon Sets to adjust when you'll get this warning.

  • Coupons to be redeemed: Number of coupons from an active Program that need to be redeemed.

  • Gift card balance low : If you are using Gift Cards (Tango) as a payout option in an active Program, this will display when your Gift Card balance is low. Manage your Gift Card account to adjust when you'll get this warning.

  • PayPal funds low : If you are using PayPal as a payout option in an active Program, this will display when your PayPal balance is low. Manage your PayPal account to adjust when you'll get this warning.

  • Invite rules to setup: Number of rules that have received Potential Invites, but are not enabled rules to send out Automatic Invites.

  • Potential invites to send: Number of Potential Invites

  • Member requests to approve: Number of Member Requests to review

  • Sales entries to review: Number of Sales Entries to review

  • Pending referrals to review: Number of Pending Referrals

  • Qualified referrals to review: Number of Qualified Referrals

  • Rewards to be issued: Number of individual Rewards yet to be issued

Management Statistics

Management Statistics gives you a quick high level overview of your account. Each number is a link where you can view more details on the given statistic.

  • Active programs : Number of Active Programs

  • Draft programs : Number of Programs still in Draft

  • Active invite sources : Number of enabled invite sources (Approved Referral, Conversion, API, etc)

  • Active invite rules : Number of enabled invite rules

  • Members disabled : Number of Members you have disabled

  • Member campaigns sent: Number of Member Campaigns sent

  • Recent configuration activities : Number of Configuration Activities over the past 30 days

  • Recent program activities : Number of Program Activities over the past 30 days

  • Referrals blocked by fraud rules : Number of Referrals that have been blocked due to Fraud Rules

  • Approved referrals : Number of Approved Referrals

  • Number of rewards issued : Number of individual rewards issued

  • Total reward payments: Total of all issued rewards' amounts

Activity Charts

The Activity section includes line charts for easy statistic analysis and comparison to the previous selected time period. You may sort by Program and date range.

Note: We offer custom date ranges as well as pre-built ranges: Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days, Last 90 Days, This month, Year to date, and All-time. Depending on the date range chosen, the "compared to previous period" may change from day, week or month.

The formula for calculating "Referral visits" was updated on 6/18/2020 for improved accuracy.

  • Invites sent: Invites sent from campaigns and invite automations

  • Registration views: Page views to registration pages and registration embeds

  • Members joined: Members that have joined your program

  • Portal & embed views: Page views by members in the portal or share embed

  • Member emails sent: Emails to Members that have been sent

  • Member shares: Any member share clicked through portals, embeds, and emails including copying a URL to a clipboard

  • Referral visits: Visits generated by your members to their share URL or to your website

  • Referral page views: Page views by visitors sent to a member's share URL or to your website

  • Referrals captured: Referrals that have been captured and added as a Referral to your programs


What is the difference between the dark blue and light grey lines on the line charts?

The dark blue line indicates the data for the current time frame chosen using the Activity filters. If the data value is 0 for the time period, the line will not appear.

The light grey line represents the data for the previous period of that filter. The grey line could represent the previous period by day, week, or month, depending on the filter chosen.

If you choose the "All-time" filter, the light grey line is not visible because there is no previous period to compare it to.

Example: If you select "Last 7 days" for your data filter, the dark blue line represents the last 7 days while the light grey line represents the 7 days before that, allowing you to easily compare data points.

What is the difference between Referral Visits and Page Views under the Referral Statistics section?

Referral Visits and Page Views are related but they are not the same.

Referral Visits and Page Views are cookie reliant.

Referral Visits are visits generated by your members to their share URL, either bringing them to your Referral Page or redirecting the user to your website. However, if one referral visits the same Referral Rock referral page multiple times, or if you have our Universal Script installed on each page of your external website, we are able track each page view through Referral Rock's universal script and Cookie.

Once the referral does not have page view activity for 30 minutes, we then count their entire session as 1 Referral Visit. Once a referral is converted, we no longer track their cookie.

The donut on the homepage breaks these referral visits up by UTM parameter when available.

Page views include each page view, whether it is a Referral Rock referral page or an external page with our Universal Script, as long as the user is cookie'd as a Referral.

A great way to think of the difference between the two, is to imagine your local grocery store. Referral visits are the grocery store itself and page views are each individual aisle within that grocery store. Upon leaving the grocery store, your visit to the store will count as one "referral visit". While you were inside, you walked down ten aisles, so those count as ten "page views".

Note: Page views are only counted on site pages with our referral.js script.

The chart below explains the difference between referral visits and page views further:

Example Action

Example Page View / Referral Visit

1. Referral clicks on a Member's Referral link and are redirected to your website

1 page view

2. Referral checks out your Pricing page and decides to fill out your form

1 page view (Total: 2)

3. Referral submits the form and is redirects to a Confirmation page, where Referral Rock's conversion script captures the referral

1 page view (Total: 3)

4. 30 minutes elapse

Total: 3 page views, 1 Referral Visit

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