We suggest adding all users to your account as Team Members so that they have their own login and their activity will be accurately tracked through your Configuration Logs.

There is a limit of ten (10) users on every Referral Rock plan. Please contact support if you require additional users.

To add a new team member, log in to your Referral Rock account. From the Admin Dashboard, click on Settings > Team Management from the drop-down menu or click here.

Then select 'Add Team Member' and fill out the name, email, and role fields.

Make sure to check to 'Send Team Member a Notification' box if you want the user to be notified and receive an email invitation to Referral Rock.

Please Note:

  • Only account Administrators have the ability to add and manage team members

  • If you are receiving an "Account already exists under this email address" error when adding a new team member, it is likely that this user has signed up for a Referral Rock account in the past. To resolve this, contact support.

  • To remove a user's access to the platform, an Administrator must change their permission level to 'No Access' which removes their login ability.

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