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What is the difference between a Member and a Referral?
What is the difference between a Member and a Referral?
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A member (also known as an advocate, affiliate, referrer) is someone that you have invited to participate in your referral program. This is often times a customer or affiliate who is familiar with your business and wants to promote it.

Members will join your referral program via an access link, the registration page, or CSV import. Once registered, each member has their own unique referral URL to share to their network in order to collect referrals and incentives. The number of members that you can have depends on your plan limits.

To see a list of your members, navigate to Members > List .


A referral is referred to your company by a member. A referral will engage with a member's URL and then take your desired action, such as filling out a lead capture form or making a purchase. There is no limit to the number of referrals that you can collect.

To see a list of your referrals, navigate to Referrals > List .


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