The Promote page displays many options to promote and integrate your program.

Here you can Activate / Deactivate your program, get instructions for installing any tracking scripts, embed your program on your own website or app, configure your member invites, and set up CRM integrations.

At the top of the Promote Page you will see three recommended steps for launching your referral program.

  1. Activate/Deactivate your program

    1. You may activate your program at any time. Once your program is Active, all program links will go live (Registration, Login, Member URLs, Referral URLs). If you Deactivate your program, all links will no longer work. You will need to activate your program in order to test it.

  2. Track Visits

    1. By setting up Brand Visit Tracking, you will be able to track referral visits on your site. Click here to learn more about Brand Visit Tracking.

  3. Connect Conversions

    1. If you are using our Webpage Redirect option, you will need to connect your site with Referral Rock in order to capture referrals. Click here to learn more about connecting with Referral Rock.

Invite Contacts to Join

You may invite your contacts to become members using the following options:

  1. Setup an Automatic Invite loop

  2. Create an Invite Email Campaign

  3. Place a One-Click-Access URL in a 3rd party email campaign

Embed in Site or App

Place the member experience on your website or app using the following methods:

  1. Insert a Pop-Up Widget that will overlay over your screen

  2. Place an iFrame on your site

  3. Use our Referral.js Widget behind a login portal to automatically register/login members

  4. Custom Embed using our API

Click here to learn more about our Member Access methods

Synchronize Data & Integrate

Here, you will find quick links for connecting Referral Rock with:

  1. Our native HubSpot integration

  2. Our native Salesforce integration

  3. Zapier

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