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What happens if a reward goes unclaimed?
What happens if a reward goes unclaimed?
Updated over a week ago

This depends on the reward that was issued.


In the instance that a PayPal reward is unclaimed by the recipient after thirty (30) days, the amount will rollback and be placed back into your PayPal balance. The recipient will no longer be able to claim that reward.

Gift Card (Tango)

Rewarding with a gift card is the equivalent to handing out cash. Once it has been issued, we are unable to revoke the reward.

If the gift card was sent to an incorrect email address and has not yet been claimed, please contact our support team and we will assist you with resending the reward.


If a recipient does not claim a payment within 1 week, funds will be returned to your Wise Business Account. When the payment is returned the following will occur in Referral Rock:

  • The payment will show as "Rollback" in Payment History

  • The reward will revert back to the pending status to be reissued

  • Admins will receive a notification if the reward is not on an automated payout schedule

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