You can update a Referral status manually or in bulk via CSV import.

Individual Referral status Update

  • Referral List - Navigate to Referrals > List

  • Locate the referral you'd like to update. One the right hand side you'll see the Status drop-down menu.

    • Click on the button and choose the status you'd like to update the referral to. Keep in mind once you approve a referral you cannot move them back into a pending or qualified status, you would need to remove and re-add the referral manually.

  • Referral Details - You may also update a referral's status on their details page. On the right-hand side under Referral Status, select the desired status to update the referral.

    Bulk Referral status Updates

  • Navigate to Referrals > Import > Updated Referrals (or click here)

  • Upload your CSV file

    • Read through our Import Guide for how to successfully import a CSV file

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