Inviting people to join your referral program through MailChimp is easy!

Through the use of a One-Click-Access URL placed in any MailChimp email (as a button or a link), we can automatically register members on click.

To find your One Click Access URL:

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations or click here

  2. Select, One Click Access for Campaigns

  3. Select the program you wish to create a URL for

    Note: One Click Access URLs are Program specific

  4. Select MailChimp from the drop-down

  5. Copy the URL and paste it into your MailChimp email campaign

Example MailChimp One Click Access URL:

The event script below is for demo purposes only! Your script should look similar, although it will have your account name and a different program ID*|FNAME|*&lastname=*|LNAME|*&email=*|EMAIL|*&utm_medium=email&utm_source=MailChimp

Watch this video to learn more about how One Click Access works with Referral Rock:

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